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Oct 1, 2012 4:25am EDT
, john allen muhammad, was executed in 2009. >>> counselors will be on hand at a fredericksburg middle school this morning after an eighth grader was killed in a plane crash over the weekend. 13-year-old kyle morton and his father, 48-year-old john morton, died saturday when their cessna plane crashed into a trailer park shortly after takeoff from shannon airport. the national transportation safety board is at the crash site trying to figure out what happened, but people on the grnd say they heard the engine stall in midair. >> you heard the engine, then you didn't hear -- it just like disappeared. then you heard this loud crash, trailer shook. >> neighbors say john morton had a passion for flying. he was a former marine and worked for an airline. >>> scary moments for the orioles as they traveled to florida. there was a small fire on the team's charter flight that forced them to make an emergency landing in jacksonville last night. the team was delayed by about an hour. this came after an already exciting day for the o's. they beat the red sox 6-3 in their final home game of the seaso
Sep 26, 2012 4:25am EDT
70,000 voicemails from fans. that's thanks to wisconsin congressman john erpenbach, who tweeted out roger goodell's phone number. sweeney is also trying to end this madness. he introduced legislation that would ban replacement referees in the state, where both the new york giants and the jets play. >>> questionable calls has a redskins coach's wallet a little lighter. the nfl is fining offensive coordinator kyle shanahan $25,000. shanahan not happy about the officiating during the redskins' loss to the bengals on sunday and was given an unsportsmanlike penalty for berating the refs. he then chased them off the field into the tunnel. shanahan said in a statement that he would not respond that way again. >>> 4:47. now a developing story in spain. overnight police fired rubber bullets and used batons to fight off marchers to gather in madrid to demonstrate against the government's handling of the economic crisis there. protesters clashed with police all day during a march that stopped short of spain's parliament building. they're demanding new elections criticizing the government's tax
Sep 27, 2012 4:25am EDT
. >>> a johns hop k s hopkins emp issued an apology, she said she regrets her completely inappropriate comment. she fired off two offensive tweets after he caught two touchdown passes hours after his brother died in an accident. officials say that moody's comments were made from a personal account. >>> the perjury trial against two former penn state administrators accused of lying to a grand jury will start in january. a judge rejected a bid to dismiss the charges against tim curley and gary schultz yesterday. the judge did not rule on another issue. curley and schultz say the statute of limitations expired on charges of failing to properly report child abuse. sandusky was convicted in june. he will be sentenced next month. >>> two high profile republicans are backing embattled missouri senate candidate todd akin. the former gop presidential candidate rick santorum and senator jim demint both announced their indorsmentes. they called him a principle conservative committed to fighting for freedom. akin faced pressure to quit his campaign after saying in an interview that women's bodies have a n
Oct 2, 2012 4:25am EDT
. john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo were eventually captured and cop stricted of the killings. malvo is now 27 and serving a life sentence. >>> occupy d.c. protesters are expected to continue their marches today with a veterans march at noon. yesterday, they marched from freedom plaza to the commerce building saying they want to remain peaceful to convey their message against corporate greed and politics. this week marks the beginning of the encampment at macpherson square and that anniversary. >>> a suspect tasered, punched and kicked and it was captured on dash cam. the question is did police go too far. we are checking more headlines coming up next.  >>> police are hoping for new clues today in a decades-old mystery. scientists at michigan state university are expected to release the results of tests on soil samples from the ground beneath the driveway in a residential neighborhood. they are rying to determine whether the remains of jimmy hoffa could be buried there. the teamsters boss vanished almost 40 years ago. a tip about the prior owner of the property would
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4